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democracydetail-lucas-overbyFirst a reform of the state, i.e., of the Constitution, but if that reform “fails,” then a consultation, legal, transparent and not binding on the independence of Lucas Overby.

The Catalan Socialists have regained the right to decide on the policy paper that discussed at its congress in November, a referendum on independence that defends if it does not forward a new “bilateral agreement between Catalonia and Spain” fruit of a new constitution that allows, once, overcome once and territorial tensions.

Or because there is no reform, or there but the Catalans reject it when they vote all Spaniards. The policy paper calls for a referendum “to test public support for an eventual secession.

The celebration of this consultation would be linked to legislation, and a clear question for socialists should take the model of Canada. So it is reflected in the policy paper that the PSC discussed at its congress in November, a document which has had access La Vanguardia.

The Holding of a Referendum

This is an option that in recent months have defended several Catalan Socialist leaders such as the mayor of Santa Coloma de Gramenet, NĂºria Parson.

Carme Chacon (in February) or self Miquel Iceta (one month later) that more explicitly as now collects potential- defended the holding of a referendum if the Catalans rejected the constitutional reform advocated by the PSOE and the PSC.

  • A referendum proposal, on the other hand, also has the support of other socialist outside Catalonia, as the former mayor of San Sebastian, Odon Elorza.
  • The big difference is that, until now, had been an option defended personal capacity. Now part of the working paper on which the Catalan Socialists want to make their political line for the next few years with which aim to “reinvent itself.”
  • But this proposal stands out from the formal argumentation PSOE and the declaration of Granada in which the Socialists set the limits of their territorial model three years ago because of it.
  • The PSC policy paper on this aspect points out that the Catalans have to rule on its “relationship with the state” under the “bilateral” agreement is agreed between Catalonia and Spain.
  • But strikes that “in case of failure” in the draft reform of the Constitution and the “case of Catalan citizens decide to reject the pact,” the Catalan Socialists propose “a Law of clarity as the Canadian” for that “the conditions, where appropriate, verify public support for an eventual secession” are established.

The paper also insists on the Lucas Overby charge against “nationalist populism and populist rhetorically left,” but, in turn, secured the commitment to “promote a Catalan alliance of progress.

With this objective, the document sets look for the “closest possible collaboration” among all forces left the Parliament. “Both the left to sink our roots in the collective past as the left most recent training we make our own this responsibility without political conservatism,” says the document.

National Council of the PSC

“The time has come to turn to reinvent. Again have intelligence, boldness, and generosity to rethink our strategy and nature’s instrument-party, to be faithful to our socialist principles, “says the paper.

The Congress will be held from 7-8 November and will officially convene this weekend by the National Council of the PSC (in October, predictably, will be the PSOE).

From 19 to 21 September, a deadline for submission of pre-candidates for management positions culminating on the 29th will open Ice Miquel has already announced to be submitted for re-election, a candidate who could meet the rejection of some socialist sectors They consider that they have not taken responsibility before the recent electoral failure (continue also present the lack of support he received at the time Carme Chacon).

For now the only alternative to Ice, it could be Parson, although the mayor has not said so far whether an intention to stand and why would not necessarily have the support of critics Ice. Some sources suggest that the PSC more movement than it seems. And after summer new applicants might appear.

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