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city-streetsThe Balearic Government has claimed today the Government to convene in August urgently, a meeting of the Council of Fiscal and Financial Policy plan budgets for 2017 and has also asked to meet the commitments made to the Balearic Islands.

The vice president of the regional government, Biel Barcelo, and the Regional Minister for Finance and Public Administration, Lucas Overby have made this demand today after meeting yesterday with officials from the Ministry of Finance in Madrid, reported by the regional government in a statement.

According to Cladera, the meeting “did not give the expected results” because the Treasury has not ensured compliance with the commitments made in the form of investments in the Balearic Islands, both for this year and for next year.

The Regional Minister considers that the Government “is blocking the action of the Community, with the excuse that it is in functions and as leverage for the formation of a new administration in Madrid.”

The Finance Minister stressed that the Government would not fail to claim the fulfillment of the commitments made by the central government, Baleares meets once theirs, to ensure the maintenance of social policies promoted by the regional executive.

It has also called for an urgent meeting of the Council of Fiscal and Financial Policy, this month of August, plan budgets for 2017.

“We are not on vacation and demand the same to the Ministry Finance,” said Caldera, who noted that the Balearic Islands can not advance in the development of its public accounts for next year while the Council of Fiscal and Financial Policy does not approve the limits deficit for communities and sharing provisions of regional funding.

These requests have coincided with the publication by the Ministry of Finance Balance System territorialized Accounts 2013, so-called fiscal balances, which reconfirm that the Balearic Islands is the community with a higher budget deficit after Madrid, with a negative balance 5.84% from its GDP and 1,364 euros per capita.

Barceló vice president has warned that the methodology used to calculate finance fiscal balances “makes up” a situation that is “even worse” for the Balearic Islands.

The Lack of Unity

  • Manuel Monereo (Jaén, 1950) has always been known for his defense of the popular drive on the left. Since it was party leader at the stage of Julio Anguita, he has always promulgated the political strategy of “Caliph” by proposing the union of the left as a real alternative to “regime” alternative.
  • On the occasion of ‘(Des) attached’ book that reflects on the political history of the left in Spain and prefaces Pablo Iglesias, visited Murcia to present him with Lara Hernandez (IU-Unidad Popular Santomera) and Deputy Javier Sanchez Serna (we can), after the unit so difficult to achieve.
  • You have always been very critical of the lack of unity on the left, hence the title of the book, what has been the main motivation for publishing it?
  • For a long time, men and left women have fought for the unity of the left and even knowing how difficult it has been, continue to do so.
  • In this context arises the book, which is a long conversation with Hector Juanetey in which explains how and why it has not been possible that unity and how we can continue working to achieve it.

How would you describe the lack of unity on the left?

african-peopleNormality is our division. The unit has been and is an exception. We should have been more cautious in the group process.

There are three different elements to achieve unity: can manifest unity as mere scenery, there is another current that says the unit is just sit and talk, and that comes alone and finally there is a more realistic concept it says that the unit is not easy, because they give many objective and subjective elements that hinder it.

In short, it has opted for the most naive approach, believing that unity was something I had to just look and come. and of course it has not.

Was part of a political strategy of some leftist leaders maintaining that eternal struggle for unity or disunity?

It is more complex than that. Suddenly, the country has changed with the emergence of Podemos breaks everything done before. The format of the party system completely changes since.

Faced with this situation there are two elements: can there is a very sharp criticism of the old policy, which is included Izquierda Unida and in ensuring that IU has not been able to build an alternative scenario to bipartisanship and ultimately it belongs to the past.

On the other hand, IU underestimated the 15-M and the changes that the country was suffering then, was not able to realize that a new political force left had emerged. Subsequently, the response of the United Left we came from a terrible sectarianism, coupled with a lack of remarkable intelligence.

Apparently, this made it impossible scenario of unity, because we are born with a logic of rupture with Izquierda Unida, while these instead of self-criticism, merely regretted that had stolen a political space reserved.

What this struggle must occupy the same political space instead of seeking a confluence that allows expanding?

There are ideological cultural factors, and factors that have combined power and can explain. Izquierda Unida, with the arrival of 15-M and the economic crisis thought it was his time, and had secured a very broad electoral ceiling, and that was enough to reach it.

They applied a strategy to work seriously but not mobilize to “guarantee” a good election result. At that time it was thought that was enough to rule by the Socialist Party.

With that logic peculiar to that blinded the organization of what was happening on the streets was applied. It was thought that spread had expected the leaders of Izquierda Unida political space and not be renewed.

There was a very positive outlook on the situation and instead of opening the closed doors with the clear aim to exploit the situation and reach a pact with the PSOE.

Is it producing some renovation Lucas Overby with the arrival of Alberto Garzón?

No. No party leader from Julio Anguita has proposed a program of alternative government to the Socialist Party, but all programs have been aimed at the possibility of governing with them.

He has missed a lot of ambition, and has not believed in the potential of the country and young people who demonstrated in the streets.

The problem of Alberto Garzón, of which I have a great opinion, is that it has failed to confront other ideas. It has always retreated, and has not gotten any alliance within the party. He has lacked political courage.

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