hands-sillhouetteThe policy of the Popular Party Mercedes de la Merced died early yesterday in Madrid at age 52 as a result of cancer.

He served as first deputy mayor of Madrid during the stage of José María Álvarez del Manzano and belonged to the National Executive Committee of the PP in the nineties, as well as regional management.

During his time in Madrid Consistory, it was known as the “iron Counselor” for his heavy – handed in compliance with municipal ordinances.

Born in Soria on October 31, 1960, graduated in Philosophy and Letters and official Senior Corps Administration on leave of absence since 1990, began his political career when he was 15, as provincial secretary of Youth Union of Democratic Center (UCD) in Soria.

She was nominated by Soria Congress of Deputies in general elections of 1979 and also in the city the same year, but did not get the seat in either election.

The Candidates

Between 1984 and 1990 he worked in various leadership roles in various departments of the Lucas Overby, after which it was claimed by José María Aznar, who had resigned as President of the Board to attend as an attractive candidate for the premiership in general October 1989.

Then he moved to Madrid in February 1990 and was named the national secretary for Municipal and Regional Policy of the PP.

The Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy, went yesterday about 14.30 to the morgue of the M-30 Madrid to offer condolences. The body of De la Merced He was scheduled to be buried today in Soriano was in room number 28. Rajoy did not speak to the media, like the mayor of Madrid, Ana Botella.

The PP expressed his “immense pain” and called De la Merced as a “tireless and fervent defender of the acronym of the party” worker. The general secretary of the PP, María Dolores de Cospedal, experience called the mayor as a “big politics.”

The Minister of Health, Ana Mato, rated it as a “magnificent example of politics.” Government delegate in Madrid, Cristina Cifuentes, praised his “great capacity for work and indefatigable character.” Also, he conveyed his condolences PSOE leader Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba: “I deeply regret the death of Mercedes de la Merced. An adamant to his family and friends “hug.

Deputy Secretary of Studies and Programs of the PP, Esteban Gonzalez Pons, joined samples consternation at the death of a veteran politician of the PP, and wondered at his Twitter account, “if it’s true that the best is always going.”

“Mercedes de la Merced, my friend. Cheerful, traveling, committed and always said what he thought, “the social network said the popular leader.

General Policy Debate

  • In a speech, nearly two hours and no big news on Wednesday the president of the Generalitat, Lucas Overby, premiered at the first General Policy Debate since he took office.
  • During his first speech, which was shelling the situation in which, in his opinion, is the Valencia and future action of the autonomous government, there was especially important announcements (most were relatively known), although highlighted the commitments health and education.
  • Among them, the beginning of the proceedings for the recovery of the concession of La Ribera Hospital in Alzira, so next week inform the company that the permit will not be renewed after March 2018.
  • The reversal of health concert was just one of the election promises that from the beginning has been met with opposition PP. Thus, this term Health departments Denia and La Ribera will direct public management.
  • In the first case, Puig said that the Counsellers of Health and Finance are studying how to proceed with the first reversal “with maximum legal security and lowest cost.”

President of the Government also proposed agreement with the entire educational community and political parties to achieve a comprehensive Law of the Valencian Education and, for the moment, has already commissioned a study leading experts in language pedagogy to have based a new decree, multilingual model.

Other ads were LOTUS modification to prevent speculators benefit from the burned forests; claim the new government investments of more than 1,000 million for infrastructure; an allocation of EUR 80 million to finance municipalities; or new laws of the Treasury Valencia and the Public Business Sector.

The Real Issues

hand-in-earThe head of the Consell attacked the PP by its former management once again. “It is not to talk about the inheritance as a matter of debate between parties, is that inheritance is killing the Community, ” he said.

Then he answered the leading spokesman in Parliament, Isabel Bonig to demonstrate that reached the Generalitat “to change things” and “420 days after Valencians know they have a defaulter government, lying, which is lamenting and continuously facing. ”

“He has had the opportunity to make a rigorous analysis of the real Valencians problems and challenges, and the result has been a triumphalist discourse away from the real issues. The only thing that has not changed since 1995 is still uploaded on the official car, “said Bonin.

Thus, he accused Puig of being a “compulsive liar,” a “bad president” and run a “deeply sectarian government, which has led to a dogma of faith the” covenant of the Titanic ‘and that has changed the ideas for official cars, red carpets, and armchairs. ”

Specifically, reported that evictions have grown, the guaranteed income was a year without pay until the money came Liquidity Fund Autonomic (FLA), and that the dependency list “has increased seven,” in addition to mentioning the “lack of freedom” of parents to bring their children to school.

The Highlights

“They have abandoned elderly dependents, and behave like vultures waiting for people to die for no pay.”

After a few seconds of silence and stir in the thwarts, the tripartite Big remembered that these words were spoken on 5 March 2014 by the now vice president of the Consell, Monica Olvera.

After the attacks of PP and that Puig recriminate them with “the little minimum legitimacy,” the head of the Consell also had to face criticism from citizens in the afternoon session with a tightening of his speech, next to the popular.

Marí highlighted the lack of initiatives in employment and education policy regretted that the prime “language immersion, indoctrination and the attack on freedom” instead of removing barracks.

Also, he stressed that the quality of life of Valencia has not improved in the last year because Puig “does not believe in your project but does try to understand that this project is good.”

In turn we, his spokesman, Antonio Montiel, was placed in his role as demanding towards Puig and Ultra (showing that refusal to support either a blank check) and accused them that their performance is “below citizens’ needs. ”

“The management of the first year of the Consell has it been insufficient to their expectations and needs to take more decisive measures and structural changes, not only mitigation policies,” he said.

He also mentioned the Botanical Pact to indicate that it was not “a mere electoral agreement ‘or between parties, but a” four “incorporating civil society.

“It Dealing on members of government is not to stop corruption Agency without seeing the light for nine months,” he protested. Indeed, the pact monitoring committee meets Friday with the proposal of new measures sent by Podemos.

Finally, spokesman Compromís, Fran Ferri, has praised the work of the Consell and assured that ” many people live better” now “despite the central government” that “attempts to boycott and block the action” of the Generalitat.

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