How to Write an Argumentative Essay – A Balanced Representation

How to Write an Argumentative Essay – A Balanced Representation

Arguments are a part of everyone’s life and how can writing and reading can be untouched with it!! There are two sides of every coin and also there is a for and against for every topic. Unless the topic is too generic, an argument upon it cannot be escaped. If one knows how to write an argumentative essay, then it means he/she knows how to represent a topic in a balanced way.

Generally, debaters like to read such essays because they have to take out facts from those and learn how to keep their point while arguing. Sometimes, an argumentative essay could be contradictory writing in which, the writer expresses only one side by contradicting the other side.

Both the Sides of a Coin Are Presented in Argumentative Essay

Mostly, such an essay starts with the introduction of the topic and its short explanation. Then comes the research-based facts that prove to be in favor of this topic. Enough evidence with authenticity and analysis are required for this section. And, then the readers get convinced with the favorable side of the topic but the story does not end here.

Now, comes the against portion in which, writer again provides enough evidence against the topic. Means, all the points presented for a favor are contradicted here with facts, figures or analysis. Again, the story does not end and comes the conclusion part. In this end part, a balanced representation of favorable and non-favorable facts is given in short. A mid-path is considered or the side which is stronger, whether it is for or against is considered as the actual message.

One can also start the essay with a negative note, i.e., against the topic but end it positively by proving the favorable points strongly. But generally, writers prefer to start with a positive note. A writer might conclude anything in an argumentative essay but the reader is bound to think out of the box and decide on his/her own whether to stand for the topic or against it.

Use of a Hook is Helpful To Attract Readers

Starting such an essay with a hook always helps to attract readers to get engaged in the respective debate. Many people find arguments interesting and for them, argumentative essays are a brain-storming exercise. Such essays would not let you sit peacefully and read but they will excite you and get you involved more and more.

Argumentative Essay Might Confuse You About Choosing a Side

There would be situations when the reader would find it quite difficult to be at ease while reading such an essay because he/she could get confused about choosing a certain side of the coin. Often, many writers do write an argumentative essay but in a persuasive manner. Means, though they present both the faces keep themselves inclined towards one and thus try to convince the readers to do the same.

You Have to Read and Research Well to Write an Argumentative Essay

Undoubtedly, an argumentative essay writer is a well-read person who knows all the aspects of the topic he/she undertakes penning down. So, if you wish to know how to write an argumentative essay, then first you must read and research the topic thoroughly to make it something praiseworthy and convincing.