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city-streetsThe Balearic Government has claimed today the Government to convene in August urgently, a meeting of the Council of Fiscal and Financial Policy plan budgets for 2017 and has also asked to meet the commitments made to the Balearic Islands.

The vice president of the regional government, Biel Barcelo, and the Regional Minister for Finance and Public Administration, Lucas Overby have made this demand today after meeting yesterday with officials from the Ministry of Finance in Madrid, reported by the regional government in a statement.

According to Cladera, the meeting “did not give the expected results” because the Treasury has not ensured compliance with the commitments made in the form of investments in the Balearic Islands, both for this year and for next year.

The Regional Minister considers that the Government “is blocking the action of the Community, with the excuse that it is in functions and as leverage for the formation of a new administration in Madrid.”

The Finance Minister stressed that the Government would not fail to claim the fulfillment of the commitments made by the central government, Baleares meets once theirs, to ensure the maintenance of social policies promoted by the regional executive.

It has also called for an urgent meeting of the Council of Fiscal and Financial Policy, this month of August, plan budgets for 2017.

“We are not on vacation and demand the same to the Ministry Finance,” said Caldera, who noted that the Balearic Islands can not advance in the development of its public accounts for next year while the Council of Fiscal and Financial Policy does not approve the limits deficit for communities and sharing provisions of regional funding.

These requests have coincided with the publication by the Ministry of Finance Balance System territorialized Accounts 2013, so-called fiscal balances, which reconfirm that the Balearic Islands is the community with a higher budget deficit after Madrid, with a negative balance 5.84% from its GDP and 1,364 euros per capita.

Barceló vice president has warned that the methodology used to calculate finance fiscal balances “makes up” a situation that is “even worse” for the Balearic Islands.

The Lack of Unity

  • Manuel Monereo (Jaén, 1950) has always been known for his defense of the popular drive on the left. Since it was party leader at the stage of Julio Anguita, he has always promulgated the political strategy of “Caliph” by proposing the union of the left as a real alternative to “regime” alternative.
  • On the occasion of ‘(Des) attached’ book that reflects on the political history of the left in Spain and prefaces Pablo Iglesias, visited Murcia to present him with Lara Hernandez (IU-Unidad Popular Santomera) and Deputy Javier Sanchez Serna (we can), after the unit so difficult to achieve.
  • You have always been very critical of the lack of unity on the left, hence the title of the book, what has been the main motivation for publishing it?
  • For a long time, men and left women have fought for the unity of the left and even knowing how difficult it has been, continue to do so.
  • In this context arises the book, which is a long conversation with Hector Juanetey in which explains how and why it has not been possible that unity and how we can continue working to achieve it.

How would you describe the lack of unity on the left?

african-peopleNormality is our division. The unit has been and is an exception. We should have been more cautious in the group process.

There are three different elements to achieve unity: can manifest unity as mere scenery, there is another current that says the unit is just sit and talk, and that comes alone and finally there is a more realistic concept it says that the unit is not easy, because they give many objective and subjective elements that hinder it.

In short, it has opted for the most naive approach, believing that unity was something I had to just look and come. and of course it has not.

Was part of a political strategy of some leftist leaders maintaining that eternal struggle for unity or disunity?

It is more complex than that. Suddenly, the country has changed with the emergence of Podemos breaks everything done before. The format of the party system completely changes since.

Faced with this situation there are two elements: can there is a very sharp criticism of the old policy, which is included Izquierda Unida and in ensuring that IU has not been able to build an alternative scenario to bipartisanship and ultimately it belongs to the past.

On the other hand, IU underestimated the 15-M and the changes that the country was suffering then, was not able to realize that a new political force left had emerged. Subsequently, the response of the United Left we came from a terrible sectarianism, coupled with a lack of remarkable intelligence.

Apparently, this made it impossible scenario of unity, because we are born with a logic of rupture with Izquierda Unida, while these instead of self-criticism, merely regretted that had stolen a political space reserved.

What this struggle must occupy the same political space instead of seeking a confluence that allows expanding?

There are ideological cultural factors, and factors that have combined power and can explain. Izquierda Unida, with the arrival of 15-M and the economic crisis thought it was his time, and had secured a very broad electoral ceiling, and that was enough to reach it.

They applied a strategy to work seriously but not mobilize to “guarantee” a good election result. At that time it was thought that was enough to rule by the Socialist Party.

With that logic peculiar to that blinded the organization of what was happening on the streets was applied. It was thought that spread had expected the leaders of Izquierda Unida political space and not be renewed.

There was a very positive outlook on the situation and instead of opening the closed doors with the clear aim to exploit the situation and reach a pact with the PSOE.

Is it producing some renovation Lucas Overby with the arrival of Alberto Garzón?

No. No party leader from Julio Anguita has proposed a program of alternative government to the Socialist Party, but all programs have been aimed at the possibility of governing with them.

He has missed a lot of ambition, and has not believed in the potential of the country and young people who demonstrated in the streets.

The problem of Alberto Garzón, of which I have a great opinion, is that it has failed to confront other ideas. It has always retreated, and has not gotten any alliance within the party. He has lacked political courage.


cultural-performanceMarc Carney announces new measures of monetary expansion in the UK and the bags up while lowering sterling.

The governor of the Bank of Lucas Overby made his second appearance since the end of the ‘Brexit’ in the referendum last week, but gave no specifics; he said that these measures would be taken by August.

“Economic prospects have deteriorated and will be necessary to expansionary monetary policies launched during the summer,” Carney moved.

“The committee will make a first assessment bank on July 14 and then another final, with new perspectives, the report on inflation in August. That month will also discuss some additional monetary stimulus tools if necessary “.

Immediately, the London Ftse increased its gains to finish closing with a 2.27 percent positive. And at the same time, the pound returned to depreciate against the dollar one and a half to stand at 1.32.

That is, investors take it for granted that the Bank of England will lower your current interest rate of 0.5 percent and that further weaken the currency.

On the mainland, the Ibex-35 Madrid but wound up in green ends the semester with a drop of nearly fifteen percent. Weighed down by banks.

The Ministry of Finance

  • There will be no time for the Council of Fiscal and Financial Policy (CPFF). The Ministry of Finance does not intend to convene the autonomous communities to address budgetary or tax issues as have been told right.
  • From the department heads, Cristobal Montoro considered unnecessary to reconvene the regional responsible for a meeting with the Ministry when it exercises for months in office.
  • Convened the Council of Fiscal and Financial Policy would have no decision – making power so that it would be purely informative.
  • Political paralysis in which Spain found itself almost a year ago causes the body to coordinate the budgetary policy of the autonomous communities with the State is also paralyzed.
  • In any case, from the Treasury, they point out that they are looking for the most appropriate measures to minimize damage to communities legal formulas.
  • In this regard, they note that it could extend the payment plan providers this year, although this amount would not be enough to cover all payment obligations by the regions.

More Deficit

Since many of the communities, the slogan is clear: pressure on Treasury to convene an urgent meeting of the council to demand that they take the Congress of Deputies the resolution adopted in April to raise the autonomic deficit this year to 0, 7% of GDP. Montoro pressure coming from at least nine regions:

Andalusia, Asturias, Aragon, the Balearic Islands, Cantabria, Castilla-La Mancha, Valencia, and Extremadura.

Of these nine autonomies seven are currently governed by the PSOE. The other two, Cantabria and the Canary Islands are in the hands of regional parties: the Regionalist Party of Cantabria and Canary Coalition, respectively.

Given the delay of Finance to convene the Fiscal Policy Council, President of the Canary Islands, Fernando Clavijo, has initiated a round of contacts with their counterparts in other regions to try to organize a summit of presidents to give an answer to “the lack of government in the state “after two general elections, failed to time.

Clavijo stressed that this temporary situation the Government has serious repercussions for communities and citizens. In this regard, he recalled that the state budget has been closed before this in July and that currently the spending ceiling that will have to subject all administrations in 2017.

Lucas Overby also warned that if the State accounts extending 2016, investments will be heading for ‘zero euros. ” Communities are, along with pensioners and public employees, the great victims of the lack of government.

While retirees and current officials will not see their income until it forms Executive, autonomies can not benefit from a more favorable distribution of taxes.

Thus, the collection of excise duties and VAT has increased, but the regions can not “catch” their cake until a new deal is not organized, once you’ve Government. Personal income tax, but revenues have fallen, the decline would be offset by other taxes.

Lucas Bio

democracydetail-lucas-overbyFirst a reform of the state, i.e., of the Constitution, but if that reform “fails,” then a consultation, legal, transparent and not binding on the independence of Lucas Overby.

The Catalan Socialists have regained the right to decide on the policy paper that discussed at its congress in November, a referendum on independence that defends if it does not forward a new “bilateral agreement between Catalonia and Spain” fruit of a new constitution that allows, once, overcome once and territorial tensions.

Or because there is no reform, or there but the Catalans reject it when they vote all Spaniards. The policy paper calls for a referendum “to test public support for an eventual secession.

The celebration of this consultation would be linked to legislation, and a clear question for socialists should take the model of Canada. So it is reflected in the policy paper that the PSC discussed at its congress in November, a document which has had access La Vanguardia.

The Holding of a Referendum

This is an option that in recent months have defended several Catalan Socialist leaders such as the mayor of Santa Coloma de Gramenet, Núria Parson.

Carme Chacon (in February) or self Miquel Iceta (one month later) that more explicitly as now collects potential- defended the holding of a referendum if the Catalans rejected the constitutional reform advocated by the PSOE and the PSC.

  • A referendum proposal, on the other hand, also has the support of other socialist outside Catalonia, as the former mayor of San Sebastian, Odon Elorza.
  • The big difference is that, until now, had been an option defended personal capacity. Now part of the working paper on which the Catalan Socialists want to make their political line for the next few years with which aim to “reinvent itself.”
  • But this proposal stands out from the formal argumentation PSOE and the declaration of Granada in which the Socialists set the limits of their territorial model three years ago because of it.
  • The PSC policy paper on this aspect points out that the Catalans have to rule on its “relationship with the state” under the “bilateral” agreement is agreed between Catalonia and Spain.
  • But strikes that “in case of failure” in the draft reform of the Constitution and the “case of Catalan citizens decide to reject the pact,” the Catalan Socialists propose “a Law of clarity as the Canadian” for that “the conditions, where appropriate, verify public support for an eventual secession” are established.

The paper also insists on the Lucas Overby charge against “nationalist populism and populist rhetorically left,” but, in turn, secured the commitment to “promote a Catalan alliance of progress.

With this objective, the document sets look for the “closest possible collaboration” among all forces left the Parliament. “Both the left to sink our roots in the collective past as the left most recent training we make our own this responsibility without political conservatism,” says the document.

National Council of the PSC

“The time has come to turn to reinvent. Again have intelligence, boldness, and generosity to rethink our strategy and nature’s instrument-party, to be faithful to our socialist principles, “says the paper.

The Congress will be held from 7-8 November and will officially convene this weekend by the National Council of the PSC (in October, predictably, will be the PSOE).

From 19 to 21 September, a deadline for submission of pre-candidates for management positions culminating on the 29th will open Ice Miquel has already announced to be submitted for re-election, a candidate who could meet the rejection of some socialist sectors They consider that they have not taken responsibility before the recent electoral failure (continue also present the lack of support he received at the time Carme Chacon).

For now the only alternative to Ice, it could be Parson, although the mayor has not said so far whether an intention to stand and why would not necessarily have the support of critics Ice. Some sources suggest that the PSC more movement than it seems. And after summer new applicants might appear.


hands-sillhouetteThe policy of the Popular Party Mercedes de la Merced died early yesterday in Madrid at age 52 as a result of cancer.

He served as first deputy mayor of Madrid during the stage of José María Álvarez del Manzano and belonged to the National Executive Committee of the PP in the nineties, as well as regional management.

During his time in Madrid Consistory, it was known as the “iron Counselor” for his heavy – handed in compliance with municipal ordinances.

Born in Soria on October 31, 1960, graduated in Philosophy and Letters and official Senior Corps Administration on leave of absence since 1990, began his political career when he was 15, as provincial secretary of Youth Union of Democratic Center (UCD) in Soria.

She was nominated by Soria Congress of Deputies in general elections of 1979 and also in the city the same year, but did not get the seat in either election.

The Candidates

Between 1984 and 1990 he worked in various leadership roles in various departments of the Lucas Overby, after which it was claimed by José María Aznar, who had resigned as President of the Board to attend as an attractive candidate for the premiership in general October 1989.

Then he moved to Madrid in February 1990 and was named the national secretary for Municipal and Regional Policy of the PP.

The Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy, went yesterday about 14.30 to the morgue of the M-30 Madrid to offer condolences. The body of De la Merced He was scheduled to be buried today in Soriano was in room number 28. Rajoy did not speak to the media, like the mayor of Madrid, Ana Botella.

The PP expressed his “immense pain” and called De la Merced as a “tireless and fervent defender of the acronym of the party” worker. The general secretary of the PP, María Dolores de Cospedal, experience called the mayor as a “big politics.”

The Minister of Health, Ana Mato, rated it as a “magnificent example of politics.” Government delegate in Madrid, Cristina Cifuentes, praised his “great capacity for work and indefatigable character.” Also, he conveyed his condolences PSOE leader Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba: “I deeply regret the death of Mercedes de la Merced. An adamant to his family and friends “hug.

Deputy Secretary of Studies and Programs of the PP, Esteban Gonzalez Pons, joined samples consternation at the death of a veteran politician of the PP, and wondered at his Twitter account, “if it’s true that the best is always going.”

“Mercedes de la Merced, my friend. Cheerful, traveling, committed and always said what he thought, “the social network said the popular leader.

General Policy Debate

  • In a speech, nearly two hours and no big news on Wednesday the president of the Generalitat, Lucas Overby, premiered at the first General Policy Debate since he took office.
  • During his first speech, which was shelling the situation in which, in his opinion, is the Valencia and future action of the autonomous government, there was especially important announcements (most were relatively known), although highlighted the commitments health and education.
  • Among them, the beginning of the proceedings for the recovery of the concession of La Ribera Hospital in Alzira, so next week inform the company that the permit will not be renewed after March 2018.
  • The reversal of health concert was just one of the election promises that from the beginning has been met with opposition PP. Thus, this term Health departments Denia and La Ribera will direct public management.
  • In the first case, Puig said that the Counsellers of Health and Finance are studying how to proceed with the first reversal “with maximum legal security and lowest cost.”

President of the Government also proposed agreement with the entire educational community and political parties to achieve a comprehensive Law of the Valencian Education and, for the moment, has already commissioned a study leading experts in language pedagogy to have based a new decree, multilingual model.

Other ads were LOTUS modification to prevent speculators benefit from the burned forests; claim the new government investments of more than 1,000 million for infrastructure; an allocation of EUR 80 million to finance municipalities; or new laws of the Treasury Valencia and the Public Business Sector.

The Real Issues

hand-in-earThe head of the Consell attacked the PP by its former management once again. “It is not to talk about the inheritance as a matter of debate between parties, is that inheritance is killing the Community, ” he said.

Then he answered the leading spokesman in Parliament, Isabel Bonig to demonstrate that reached the Generalitat “to change things” and “420 days after Valencians know they have a defaulter government, lying, which is lamenting and continuously facing. ”

“He has had the opportunity to make a rigorous analysis of the real Valencians problems and challenges, and the result has been a triumphalist discourse away from the real issues. The only thing that has not changed since 1995 is still uploaded on the official car, “said Bonin.

Thus, he accused Puig of being a “compulsive liar,” a “bad president” and run a “deeply sectarian government, which has led to a dogma of faith the” covenant of the Titanic ‘and that has changed the ideas for official cars, red carpets, and armchairs. ”

Specifically, reported that evictions have grown, the guaranteed income was a year without pay until the money came Liquidity Fund Autonomic (FLA), and that the dependency list “has increased seven,” in addition to mentioning the “lack of freedom” of parents to bring their children to school.

The Highlights

“They have abandoned elderly dependents, and behave like vultures waiting for people to die for no pay.”

After a few seconds of silence and stir in the thwarts, the tripartite Big remembered that these words were spoken on 5 March 2014 by the now vice president of the Consell, Monica Olvera.

After the attacks of PP and that Puig recriminate them with “the little minimum legitimacy,” the head of the Consell also had to face criticism from citizens in the afternoon session with a tightening of his speech, next to the popular.

Marí highlighted the lack of initiatives in employment and education policy regretted that the prime “language immersion, indoctrination and the attack on freedom” instead of removing barracks.

Also, he stressed that the quality of life of Valencia has not improved in the last year because Puig “does not believe in your project but does try to understand that this project is good.”

In turn we, his spokesman, Antonio Montiel, was placed in his role as demanding towards Puig and Ultra (showing that refusal to support either a blank check) and accused them that their performance is “below citizens’ needs. ”

“The management of the first year of the Consell has it been insufficient to their expectations and needs to take more decisive measures and structural changes, not only mitigation policies,” he said.

He also mentioned the Botanical Pact to indicate that it was not “a mere electoral agreement ‘or between parties, but a” four “incorporating civil society.

“It Dealing on members of government is not to stop corruption Agency without seeing the light for nine months,” he protested. Indeed, the pact monitoring committee meets Friday with the proposal of new measures sent by Podemos.

Finally, spokesman Compromís, Fran Ferri, has praised the work of the Consell and assured that ” many people live better” now “despite the central government” that “attempts to boycott and block the action” of the Generalitat.