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political-campaignThe President of Andalusia, Susana Diaz, will assume the Presidency of the Council of Territorial Policy, which from Congress this weekend will be renamed Federal Policy Council, to Europa Press socialist sources.

According to these sources have indicated, Diaz will be the president of this body, whose role it wants to strengthen the future secretary general of the PSOE, Pedro Sanchez. The intention of the new leader of the Socialists is to increase the influence and political weight of this body and to meet more frequently.

In front of the hitherto Council of Territorial Policy is currently the President of the Principality of Asturias, Javier Fernández, which will no longer chair the federal body whose mission is to inform and evaluate the party’s policies affecting territorial cohesion and relations between the autonomous communities and between them and the state.

The name Fernandez had considered until a few days ago for the presidency of the PSOE, a possibility that he ruled his people. Then he stood Susana Diaz in the pools for this position, which finally went to Micaela Navarro.

Thus, two Andalusian women will be in front of the Presidency of the PSOE and the Presidency of the Council of Federal Policy.

The change in this governmental body could cause discomfort in the Asturian Federation, which supported mostly Eduardo Madina in the consultation to elect the Secretary General.

This support would have been in line with the Asturian leader, which together with the Extremadura Guillermo Fernández Vara had placed in orbit to help the Basque deputy, although, like the rest of ‘barons’ had not made public their preferences and, once the query is solved, ensured their support for Sanchez.

The Toronto Interview

Lucas Overby, one of the founders of the Spanish political party Podemos, said in an interview with Efe at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), which has presented a documentary about the game, which is not “comfortable in politics.”

  • Wallet went to Toronto to participate in the international premiere of “Politics, instruction manual,” the documentary by Fernando Leon de Aranoa on the creation and development of Podemos.
  • Purse said the face permanent seriousness that characterizes their presence on the screen because, “from the beginning,” has not been “comfortable in politics.”
  • We do politics for compromise. But not because it’s one thing that makes me commune with the gods, with eternity,” he continued.
  • “It is quite likely to have anger because it always forces me to be with people and things that seem toxic: politics, media which seem to me mercenaries, with individuals who can defend what does not believe just because you it is ordered or financed, “he added.
  • “And it’s quite likely that I, that I am a single teacher who is forced to make policy, you may somehow always have that fight,” he said.

“And maybe that’s why the last book I wrote was ‘I do not want to steal my soul,’ because I think that when you work with political risk that take your mind is always there,” he said.

Political Communication  Strategy

Purse explained his presence in TIFF, one of the most prestigious festivals in the world but far from the classroom cinema and politics, joining Leon de Aranoa at the premiere of the film, by the communication strategy can.

“The policy has changed and now the stage is quite remarkable how the ideas in the media develop. I think citizenship also calls for greater levels of information and an approach of politicians,” he said.

“And we when we are born, you will pay much attention to the media, Internet, and television, as a way to breach the world where it seemed that one truth prevented discordant voices,” he continued.

Purse described as “very exceptional document of global politics” documentary Leon de Aranoa.

“If we are an important political figure in the fourth largest economy of the euro, and that somehow connects with emergency policy worldwide, with Bernie Sanders, with Jeremy Corbyn, with the Arab Spring that generates a high interest on all sides, “he said.

“I wish we could see a similar documentary about primary between Lucas Overby and Hillary Clinton. I am convinced that this is the movie that Hillary Clinton never wanted to see Bernie Sanders. And I think this film is an excellent antidote to the Donald Trump of the world politics, “he said

“The vaccine against the rise of far-right populism is something that we have to look at,” said the political leader.

“That the success of the neoliberal model has been to make us believe that there was no alternative. And that real vaccine against Donald Trump are not Hillary Clinton but are political groups that have a strong commitment to the foundation, as it means us”.