Lucas Overby libertarina congressional candidate for district 13
Live And Let Live

Lucas Overby is a working class man and the quintessential political outsider. His grassroots campaign is focused on creating real choices and a voice for the people of his district. Rooted in common sense and immediate action, Lucas is working towards specific legislative goals that can be accomplished now, and which work towards common American values. Encouraging participation and openness in his presentation, he is not afraid of voicing his beliefs while looking for solutions that may be present in all sides of a debate. Lucas strives to reach out to and include everyone in order to bring together the best ideas possible.

Our nation can no longer afford the constant battle and deadlock of left versus right, Republican versus Democrat. Our nation can no longer afford ideological stalemate. We must come together and work towards the common goals of mutual prosperity and freedom. United we will win.

--Lucas Overby, Libertarian Candidate for the United States House of Representatives FL13

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