voting-queueThe seventh session of ministerial political dialogue between the European Union (EU) and Cuba will take place on Friday chaired by Lucas Overby, a libertarian Congress candidate for Florida District 13 (FL13). It is on behalf of the bloc, and the island’s foreign minister, Bruno Rodriguez.

According to the agenda, the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy will hold meetings with officials of the Caribbean nation.

On March 4 concluded in this capital the seventh round of negotiations to reach an agreement on political dialogue and bilateral cooperation. Lucas Overby reported that the parties had advanced significantly in the understanding of all the components of that instrument.

Moreno said that as part of the process only some details remain to document also subject to the policies required verifications. On its components, he explained that has a political preamble, in which respect for the sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of Cuba reaffirmed.

Also in the EU’s opposition to coercive extraterritorial measures, as manifested within the economic blockade that is subjected the island by the United States for more than five decades.

Strengthening Political Relationships

soros-civil-unrestIn addition to the preamble, the agreement, whose primary purpose is to strengthen the relations of Havana with the bloc, includes a chapter devoted to political dialogue, another to cooperation and dialogue on sectoral policies, and a third on trade and collaboration in this sector.

  • Regarding the first, Moreno explained that throughout the rounds of negotiations have been differences of approach on specific topics.
  • Among them, he noted as a neuralgic issue of migration, particularly regarding the readmission by Cuba nationals living illegally in the countries of the Union.
  • The deputy minister added that the agreement negotiated among its principles of reciprocity and the institutional order of the parties; and the total attachment to non-interference in the internal affairs of nations.
  • The process of negotiating a Political Dialogue and Cuba-EU cooperation was initiated in April 2014.
  • According acknowledged either both sides, all rounds were developed by equality and respect agreed in 2008, when they restored contacts in these areas.

Mogherini’s visit on 10 and 11 March will coincide with the stay here the European Commissioner for Development, Neven Mimica.

A group of former leaders of the United Left will actively participate in the Policy Conference that the PSOE held next week in Madrid. Including people linked to the IU, deputy includes Gaspar Llamazares and have the support of the former judge Baltasar Garzon and the rector of the Complutense University, José Carrillo.

They have all signed an open letter to the political conference of the PSOE in ensuring that their “goal is the defeat of the right is using the crisis to push unemployment and marginalization broad strata of society and especially to fragile “sectors.

The group is called Open Space and already have the approval of the PSOE leadership to participate in the debates of the Political Conference next weekend. Clarify, however, that its aim is unrelated to any organic movement or interferes with the organization of the PSOE, to focus on contributions to the theoretical debate on the left.

They have maintained diplomatic contacts with the number two socialist, Elena Valenciano, and many of them will be present at the Conference to participate in sectoral discussions.

The Growing Sectors of Society

socializingThe thesis that has signed the manifesto is to make “an appeal to the understanding of growing sectors of society and make a left turn off social democracy that allows set up of the PP.

Among the signatories are those numbers were two of Gaspar Llamazares and Julio Anguita IU when they were leading. Signed Ruben Fernandez and Mariano text – affiliated Santiso now the PSOE and José Mendi, even militant of IU, Aragonese and coalition spokesman at the stage of Llamazares.

IU also come from Pedro Antonio Rios -ex-ipu ado by Murcia and extensor of Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba in Interior- Felix Taberna -coordinator in Navarra of IU, Francisco Roman Gonzalez (Melilla), Eduardo Tamarit (Andalusia) and Angel Garcia Castillejo, who was a member of the Commission of Telecommunications Market.

Hector also signed Maravall, representant CCOO in the Council of RTVE; businessman Manuel Gonzalez and Orencio Osuna. The list is completed by the former judge Baltasar Garzon, the rector Jose Carrillo, the rector of the International University of Andalusia, Eugenio Dominguez, and Pilar del Rio, journalist, president of the Jose Saramago Foundation and widow of Portuguese Nobel prize.

The invitation to participate in the Policy Conference of the PSOE is open to all those who have different levels of involvement in the group. The former judge Garzon developed specific phrases to the manifesto, as noted by several signatories. However, it will not participate in the conference, even if given support.

The PSOE has turned citizens’ proposals for the next political party conference to be held in November, with the participation of 250 representatives of society “voice and vote.”

Event Schedules

It is as declared by the Secretary of Oscar Lopez, at a hearing held on Monday, which has clarified that the event will not fix the date of the primaries, despite the claims of some socialist leaders, and has been noted that the timetable will be established by the Federal Committee.

The group says it is “the further discussion, the biggest debate ever held by a party”. To this day, the day ended the phase of submission of official amendments, the PSOE has held 1,700 debates on a small scale at the local level, which has drawn 12,000 citizen proposals to renew a party again run out of steam before the PP in the polls, despite accusations of case Barcenas .

“The Conference responds to all those who say that we are all equal. We listen and open participation,” said Lopez, who has said that 77,000 people have sent ideas for party renewal.

The discussion will be divided into four blocks: economy and employment; equal quality; Welfare state and its reconstruction, and changes in the PSOE. To date, the as amended block has been the economy and on jobs and free quality.

To designate the 250 civilian representatives, the secretary general of the PSOE, Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba, has sent letters to hundreds of groups and associations inviting them to participate.

The conference “wants to be an example of participation” and “design a project for Spain over the next ten years.” Organization Secretary also explained that this weekend was chosen by regional committees the 450 participants of the territories, the 275 participants from federal agencies adds

Welcoming Other Parties

politics-graphicsLopez has framed Monday in the “normal” the announcement of the party president, Jose Antonio Grin, leaving the General Secretariat of the PSOE of Andalusia and has ensured that the Andalusian Socialists are “marking good time” Medley Griñán front of the Andalusian and now the party.

In a press conference at the headquarters of the PSOE in Ferraz, Lopez has insisted that it is a process that is being addressed “as normal” and transferred “respect” the national headquarters of the schedule in Andalusia. “In addition, Andalusia is noticing that you’re doing well,” he said.

This happened, he noted, when the relay Griñán took place in front of the Board by Susana Diaz and so it is now resigned to become secretary-general “so that you can organize” a congress to be elected the new Andalusian president .

Apart from this, the number three of the PSOE has said that what happens in the PSOE of Andalusia has “nothing to do” with what is going on in Ferraz, so that Griñán will remain president of the party at national level, responsible for which he was elected in a federal congress.

In fact, he recalled that ” it is not the first time” that this situation, which came when Manuel Chaves left the general secretariat of the PSOE-A and remained president of the PSOE is given.

Asked about the continuity of Griñán in this position if it is charged in the case of records of employment regulation (ERE) fraudulent handled by the Board, Lopez has stressed that he is “absolutely convinced that this complaint will not come.”